Sunday, 31 March 2013

Red flag went up in August 2012

The whistleblower who knew what is going to go down in Sabah... 

The National Whistleblowers Centre (NWC) in United States was alerted more than seven months ago on the possibility of a security breach in Sabah and this later turned out to be the deadly Sulu incursion.

NWC was first alerted on this matter by a United States military officer serving an Asia Pacific command sometime in August last year.

Since its formation 1988, the NWC, based in Washington, has provided protection and assistance to thousands of whistleblowers across the United States.

The following are copies of emails between the US military officer and the NWC intake specialist that was provided to us by a Deep Throat.

However due to attorney-client privilege and to safeguard the identity of the whistleblower, we have darkened out several words and sentences in the emails.




This reinforces our claim that the Sulu incursion was a cleverly orchestrated plan that involves foreign powers and local players.

We urge prompt action by the Malaysian Government on individuals / politicians whose actions have resulted in the deaths of policemen, army personnel and innocent villagers.

Next, we will reveal the plot to remove Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman and the hands behind it, and how it all sums up in the land below the wind.