Sunday, 24 November 2013

From Pom Pom to Washington...

THE sheer scale of America’s surveillance capabilities is remarkable.

The U.S. and its allies Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand jointly participate in a spy group called the "Five Eyes" network.
Australia backs Washington by keeping tabs on Asian countries.

Many dirty secrets of the Five Eyes’ spying activities (some of it very crass in nature) have surfaced in the public, thanks to the damning disclosures of whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The Huffington Post has an article on the Five Eyes network and its link is here:
The murder of a Taiwanese businessman and the kidnapping of his wife in the idyllic island of Pom Pom on Nov 15 is how the story of Sabah gets from bad to worse.

Security breaches, kidnappings, killings and etc will continue to occur in our shores.

Unraveling this latest incident on the early hours of Nov 15 could lead all the way to Washington.
This incident emphasizes a strong need for our security forces to wake up and understand the game being played out by the world’s superpower and its Five Eyes network.

There is a gross lack of intelligence on our side and this has proved to be our Archilles’ heel.
We lose a lot of ground when we do not know who we are facing and what we are putting up with.

Despite setting up ESSCOM and ESSZONE with enhanced security and advanced mechanism to combat terrorism, we suffer yet another serious security breach similar to the Sulu Army intrusion last February.
At the crime scene at Pom Pom Island Resort and Spa, police found two 5.56mm and two 6.62mm spent casings and these are cartridges used in heavy assault rifles such as M-16 and AR-66.

The 5.56mm rounds are widely used by NATO safekeeping forces and also by the US special force.
In the U.S-led war against Iraq in 2003, 46 million 5.56 mm rounds, 30 million 6.62 mm and 60 million .50 caliber rounds were used, according to U.S. Army records published by the National Defense Magazine.

Abu Sayyaf, which is being blamed for the incident, has access to a large cache of these assault rifles, rocket launchers and handguns.

Interestingly, the Star newspaper first carried an article on a group of obnoxious and rude Caucasians working as dive masters and managers of these resorts.

The Star labeled them as White Rajahs and highlighted how they tried stopping journalists and policemen from entering the resorts, and one of them yelled vulgarities at a female journalist who went near the resort in the aftermath of the incident.

A lot of answers can be found if our security forces are brave enough to round up every single of these Caucasians working in dozens of private resorts and diving locations in Sabah and carry out background checks on each of them.

By doing this, we might incur the wrath of the very nations spying on us but at least we would have passed them the message that we know what they are up to in our backyards.

In Bali, the U.S. has agents just lazing around as beach bums; in Philippines, there are a dozen agents living in Manila and Angeles City, and in Thailand, you will be surprised to find them running a bar in downtown Bangkok and living with a Thai wife.

The U.S also has a team of highly skilled soldiers in Southern Philippines to help train local troops in their ongoing fight against Abu Sayyaf. This matter has been widely reported in the press so a simple Google search will point one to the right articles.

The truth is often overlooked in a sea of lies and mischaracterizations.

The truth is that the United States comes up with a lot of bullshit to cover up the only activity it intends to pursue - spying.

How effectively could the U.S, which lost the Vietnam War, train local troops in Philippines to fight Abu Sayyaf?

Or is the Abu Sayyaf group being manipulated to carry out attacks on countries such as Malaysia?

One can never trust what the U.S is up to.

And why all this is happening?

The U.S. Energy Information Administration said in a 2008 report that the South China Sea has potential oil reserves of more than 213 billion barrels, larger than all the oil left in the Middle East.

And China is spoiling the party by claiming exclusive rights to virtually all of the South China Sea, including its vast reserves of oil, gas and ocean resources.