Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Is Salleh Said Keruak eyeing a comeback as Sabah CM?

Salleh Said Keruak, the son of former Sabah Chief Minister Tun Mohd Said Keruak, is certainly up to something judging from the way he talks and moves in recent weeks.

Salleh was the 9th Chief Minister of Sabah between 1994 and 1996, and had to vacate his post to Yong Teck Lee under the CM rotation system.
The 56-year-old Salleh is currently the Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly and Sabah Umno liaison deputy chairman.

In a critical time when he is supposed to help strengthen and solidify his party, especially with the looming polls, Salleh’s actions is seen by many as going on the contrary.
First, Salleh suggested that CM Musa Aman should contest the Vice-President’s post knowing very well that incumbent VP Shafie Apdal is going to defend his post.

This is because Shafie first announced his decision on July 21.
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Knowing very well that Shafie is going for the candidacy, Salleh tried to cajole Musa into the ring by openly voicing his support for Musa on Aug 3.
Not only that, Salleh was alleged to have mobilized several divisions to voice their open support for Musa in a hope that Musa might get into the fray.
Salleh was reported to have said: "Musa is a committed party worker and delivers what he promises unlike some leaders who just play politics and create his own grouping”.

Then when Musa dropped a bomb by refusing to contest the VP’s post, let alone defend his supreme council post, Salleh was caught off guard because Musa did not even disclose his decision to Salleh.

Now that Musa was out of the race, Salleh should have, as a good leader, rallied behind Shafie, especially when Shafie had supported him many times in the past.
But Salleh had this to day: There is no quota for any leader or state for the posts of vice-president and supreme council members in the coming party election.

In other words, Salleh’s words can be interpreted as telling candidates that there is no incentive to vote for Shafie.
In fact, Salleh's actions can be seen as contradicting Musa who had this to say: "View the election as a family matter”. (htttp://

Many of Sabah Umno members are now asking this question – What is Salleh up to?
Since Musa is not going to contest in the elections, why not support Shafie and get the entire state party machinery to throw their support for the Rural and Regional Development Minister.

Or is there a hidden agenda?
And since a few strong indicators point that this is Musa’s last term as CM, is Salleh eyeing the state’s top post?

After all, he did not get to enjoy a prolonged stint in 1994-1996 due to the rotation system that cut short his tenure as CM.
So, is this comeback time for Salleh?

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